Complete allergen information

Milk Choices Allergens
NO Milk none
Full Milk contains Milk
Semi Skimmed Milk contains Milk
Soya Milk none
Butter? Allergens
Butter none
NO Butter none
Bread Allergens
NO Bread none
White roll contains Soybeans, contains Gluten
Brown roll contains Soybeans, contains Gluten
White baguette contains Gluten
White Toast contains Gluten
Brown Toast contains Gluten
Filling Allergens
Cheese & Beans contains Milk
Tuna & Cheese contains Fish, contains Milk, contains Eggs
Chicken Tikka & Cheese contains Eggs, contains Milk
Chicken Tikka contains Eggs
Plain Steamed Chicken none
Bacon none
Sausage contains Gluten
Bacon & Sausage contains Gluten
Vegetarian Sausage none
Fried Egg contains Eggs
Hash Brown none
Tuna Mayonnaise contains Eggs, contains Fish
Ham none
Ham & Cheese contains Milk
Cheese contains Milk
Baked Beans none
Salad Allergens
Lettuce none
Tomato none
Cucumber none
Red onion none
Breakfast Allergens
House Breakfast contains Gluten, contains Eggs
Std Breakfast contains Gluten, contains Eggs
Veggie Breakfast contains Gluten, contains Eggs
Delete Allergens
NO Sausage contains Gluten
NO Bacon none
NO Egg none
NO Mushrooms none
NO Hash Brown none
NO Black Pudding none
NO Baked Beans none
NO Toast none
Extras Allergens
EXTRA Sausage contains Gluten
EXTRA Bacon none
EXTRA Egg contains Eggs
EXTRA Mushrooms none
EXTRA Hash Brown none
EXTRA Black Pudding none
EXTRA Baked Beans none
EXTRA Toast none
EXTRA Cheese contains Milk
EXTRA Tomato none
EXTRA Coleslaw contains Eggs
Sauces & Dressings Allergens
BBQ Sauce none
Branston Pickle none
Chilli Jam none
Chilli Sauce - Extra Hot none
Chutney - Mango none
Chutney - Red Onion none
Cranberry Sauce none
French Dressing none
Honey & Mustard Dressing none
HP Brown Sauce none
Mayonnaise none
Mustard - English contains Mustard
Salad Cream none
Sweet Chilli Sauce none
Tomato Ketchup none
Wraps Allergens
Big Breakfast Wrap contains Gluten, contains Eggs
Veggie Breakfast Wrap contains Gluten, contains Eggs
Breakfast Drink Allergens
Coffee - White contains Milk
Tea contains Milk
Coffee - Black none
Water - Still none
Water - Sparkling none
Coke Can none
Diet Coke Can none
Juice Burst Apple none
Juice Burst Orange none
Juice Burst Tropical none
Ribena Carton none
Lucozade Energy none
Red Bull none
Monster Energy none
Dr Pepper none
Oasis Citrus Punch none
Oasis Summer Fruits none
No Drink none
> Hot Drinks
>> Standard Hot Drinks
Americano - Black none
Americano - White contains Milk
Builders Tea - With Milk contains Milk
Builders Tea - Black none
Espresso none
De Caf Builders Tea with Milk contains Milk
Decaf Americano - White contains Milk
Decaf Americano - Black none
Decaf Espresso none
>> Premium Hot Drinks
Flat White contains Milk
Cappucino contains Milk
Latte contains Milk
Hot Chocolate contains Milk
Mocha contains Milk
Earl Grey Tea with Milk contains Milk
Earl Grey Tea - Black none
Rooibos Tea with Milk contains Milk
Rooibos Tea - Black none
Green Tea none
Camomile Tea none
Red Berry Tea none
Lemon & Ginger Tea none
Chai Spice Tea none
Decaf Flat White contains Milk
Decaf Cappucino contains Milk
Decaf Latte contains Milk
> Cold Drinks
>> Premium Cold Drink
Oasis Summer Fruits none
Oasis Citrus Punch 500ml none
Monster Energy 500ml none
Monster Ultra 500ml none
Red Bull 250ml none
Juice Burst Apple 500ml none
Juice Burst Tropical 500ml none
Juice Burst Blood Orange 500ml none
Juice Burst Orange 500ml none
Lucozade Orange none
Lucozade Original none
Coke 500ml Bottle none
Diet Coke 500ml Bottle none
Appletiser none
Capri - Sun none
Mangajo Green Tea none
Mangajo Pomegranate none
Franklin Lemonade & Elderflower none
Franklin Dandelion & Burdock none
Franklin Ginger Beer none
>> Standard Cold Drinks
Coke Classic Can 330ml none
Diet Coke Can 330ml none
Coke Zero Can 330ml none
Dr Pepper 330ml none
Ribena Carton none
Water - Still 500ml none
Water - Sparkling 500ml none
Sprite Can 330ml none
Fanta Orange Can 330ml none
> Snacks
>> Crisp
Walkers - Salt & Vinegar none
Walkers - Ready Salted none
Walkers - Cheese & Onion none
>> Savoury Snacks
Sausage Roll contains Gluten
>> Chocolate
Twix none
Mars none
Kit Kat none
>> Premium Cakes
Flapjack none
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